Dusk View from Rosemary Beach

Dusk View from Rosemary Beach

The setting sun illuminates the sky and clouds over the Gulf of Mexico as viewed from Rosemary Beach

I’m a sucker for sunsets. I’ve seen hundreds if not thousands of sunsets. Each time I think this one is the best one yet. Then, the next night, I will think that night’s sunset is even prettier than the previous night’s! So, take it with a grain of salt when I say this one was special.

We have some very gracious friends who invite us to spend time with them at their beach house in Rosemary Beach, Florida. Rosemary is an idyllic beach community located in the Florida Panhandle off Route 30-A. There are a string of such communities along 30-A each of which are unique yet share the same stretch of pristine, sugar-sand beach. It’s truly a privilege to be able to stay in their beautiful home only a few dozen steps from the beach.

While we are there, I always take my camera. It’s not that the architecture has changed dramatically or that I haven’t captured multiple sunrises or sunsets from there. I’ve done all of that and have enough images to last a lifetime. But, there is a certain quality of light there that seems to vary considerably. From the boardwalks at Rosemary, the sun sets out over the Gulf of Mexico. It’s sometimes difficult to find a foreground for my sunset images, but the sunset itself is often enough of a subject. In this image, the foreground was a pretty busy beach with couples strolling and children still running through the surf as the sun set. So, I decided to eliminate that foreground and focus on the graduated sky and multi-hued clouds as the subject. It was one of those sunsets where the longer I waited, the more the sun painted the clouds overhead. I shot several frames but this one captures the peak extent of color in the clouds overhead. After this image, the sun sank far enough below the horizon that the overhead color diminished quickly.

Looking at this image makes me appreciate the beauty of the beaches that we frequent. I’m sometimes jealous of my friends in Southern California or other beach communities who have ready access to scenes like this. Fortunately, the beach is only a few hours drive away. And, the distance makes me appreciate the beauty of it all the more. Enjoy.


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