Hollywood, SC Alley of Oaks

Hollywood, SC Alley of Oaks

This alley of oaks beautifully frames the home at the end of the lane

When I visit the lowcountry of Georgia and South Carolina, one of my favorite pastimes is to find old oak alleys. Many of them have survived since colonial days, but others must have been planted since then. I’m no horticulturist so I don’t have a great idea of how old the trees I am viewing truly are. The oaks in this image seem relatively young compared to others I have seen but still must be many decades, if not more than a hundred years, old. Apparently, some of these beautiful trees are as much as fifteen hundred years old.

The fact that someone had enough forethought to plant trees that would take decades to form these beautiful alleys is fascinating to me. In today’s world people are so consume by instantaneous results that few would have the patience or desire to plant in this fashion. I suppose that is why I enjoy looking out for these beautiful scenes. They are the consummate combination of nature’s beauty and man’s creative spirit.

I have a few more of these to post from other locations. Stay tuned if you enjoy these types of images.



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