Forest Ridge at Sunset

Forest Ridge at Sunset

The silhouette of a tree-lined ridge as viewed from Clingmans Dome

It’s been a busy spring filled with work, family events, and travel. Fortunately, some of my travel included some photography opportunities so I have some fresh images to post. I’ll be catching up for a while and will likely have another trip or two to include by the time summer is over.

I’ll start with some images from a trip I took in late April to Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It seems that I travel to the park virtually every spring and fall. Although I love new, better, and different I am continually attracted to the Smokies. There always seems to be something fresh to shoot and subjects I have shot frequently continue to catch my eye.

This image was captured during sunset at Clingmans Dome. Even though I’ve shot dozens of sunsets from there, I’m still captivated by the quality of the light and how it interacts with the ridges and valleys below. This image is simple but I love the way the trees form silhouettes against the blazing sky creating by the setting sun. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


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