Chapel of Ease

Chapel of Ease

All that remains of this chapel of ease on St. Helena Island are its tabby-covered brick walls and an overhanging live oak tree.

Well, it’s that time of year again. I’m quickly amassing a backlog of images and blog topics that I can’t keep up with. Spring has sprung in the South and the short trips that I am able to take are resulting in dozens of quality images! I’m pretty stoked about sharing them with you over the next few weeks and months. In the meantime, I have some more trips planned that will yield yet more images. I’m not complaining though.

This shot was taken when Matt and I visited Savannah and Charleston a few weeks ago. We were able to freestyle a bit and found this cool old chapel on St. Helena Island near Beaufort. We had gone out to Hunting Island for sunrise, but it was a bit of a bust. I got some decent images but nothing to post. On the way back to Bluffton we took a detour to see another location (another bust) and drove right by this chapel. That’s the way it usually works for me. The spot I’m looking forward to turns out to be a dud but I find something interesting along the way.

This is a chapel of ease. These small chapels were built as part of a manor house or a larger parish as a convenience for those who couldn’t make it to the larger main church or cathedral. It was constructed in the 1700s but abandoned after being gutted in a forest fire years ago. The live oak is actually growing up out of a small cemetery adjoining the chapel. I loved the contrast of the tabby-covered walls and the softness of the moss draping from the live oak. I hope you enjoy it as well.




    1. It’s near there but it’s a different set of ruins. These are outside Beaufort on the way to Hunting Island off Lands End Road. Thanks for following and commenting.

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