Alley of Oaks at Wormsloe

Alley of Oaks at Wormsloe

A view toward the entrance of Wormsloe through its famous alley of live oaks

A few weeks ago, Matt and I traveled to the Georgia coast to see a few colleges and do some photography. Well, that’s what we said why we were going. As much as anything, Matt and I both wanted to spend a few days together before he heads off to college this summer. It’s hard to believe that my first-born is eighteen and heading to college!

We’ve been to the coast together before and Matt wanted to revisit the area to see a couple of favorite locations. Matt didn’t have to twist my arm to go. I got to spend a few days alone with my son and visit some beautiful locations to photograph.

High on my list was Wormsloe, a historic location just outside Savannah. The whole of coastal Georgia is rich in history. It’s also beautiful in a completely different way than north Georgia where I hail from. One distinctive of the region is the live oaks that grow there. Their long, winding limbs with Spanish Moss dripping down from above make for wonderful photographic subjects. Wormsloe is a great example of a former plantation house where an alley of oaks was planted along the entrance road. One of Matt’s and my favorite past times is to looks for these alleys and capture the image. You’ll see several such examples over the next few weeks as I work through some pictures of spring in the South.

I hope you enjoy the image. I’m looking forward to sharing more soon.




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