Lifeguard Stand and Palms

Lifeguard Stand and Palms

A lifeguard stand at Playa Mantas in beautiful Costa Rica

As I write this the weather outside is cold and blustery. We are expecting two inches of rain overnight and the temperature will struggle to reach fifty degrees for the rest of the week. That’s not cold for much of the United States, but it’s pretty typical ugly February weather for Atlanta. So, here are a couple of images from this past summer that should warm your spirits and make you anticipate the warmer months to come.

My family and I had the opportunity to visit one of our partner churches in San Jose, Costa Rica this past summer. I had the opportunity to consult with the staff and leadership of Open House. We also visited three potential partners where short-term trips from our church in Alpharetta could visit in the future. San Jose is one of those cities that is all at once wealthy and cosmopolitan as well as impoverished and decaying. That’s not unusual for developing countries I have visited. Still, it is a sobering reminder of what can happen over time to even prosperous countries.

After our time in San Jose, we had the chance to visit a couple of spots where our teams might be able to tack on a day for debriefing about their trip. One of those locations was here at Punta Leona. I brought my camera along and shot a bit to capture some of the beauty of the Costa Rican coast. It truly is a tropical paradise in some places. I’ll post a few more images from Costa Rica before moving on to some other images from last summer.

Spring is just around the corner. I’m looking forward to being able to capture some of the spring beauty in the South. Enjoy.

Playa Blanca Palm

A lone palm tree extends over beautiful Playa Blanca


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