Great Smoky Mountains at Twilight

Great Smoky Mountains at Twilight

The ridges of the Smoky Mountains as viewed from Clingmans Dome at twilight

This image is from the same sunset session that I described in the last post. As I mentioned then, I will probably never tire of taking images at sunrise or sunset from Clingmans Dome. One distinctive of this image is that I zoomed in fairly tightly on the ridges and individual trees are visible as silhouettes. The cloud layer in the west obscured the setting sun from a direct view but I still like the brilliant red that it painted the section of open sky above the horizon. I also like the contrast between the blue-hued mountains and the vibrant red of the background cloud layer.

There’s just a few images left from this fall trip. Then we’ll dig up some images from a few trips from last summer. Stay tuned.



  1. This is so beautiful. I like how the composition of the image is purely horizontal! Yet without being totally straight lines, it adds a bit of life and mischievous-ness to the picture which is otherwise nice and calming. Very thought-provoking picture!

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