Late Fall Color in Cataloochee Valley

Late Fall Color in Cataloochee Valley

Only a few trees hold their color on this late October weekend in Cataloochee Valley

When I first reviewed my images from my last fall trip to the Smokies, I ranked this image high, but not quite high enough to consider posting. As I began to post images from the trip, I noticed that one thing that I had at first not liked, now became appealing to me. I knew that I had missed the peak of fall foliage so I bemoaned the lack of color in my images. However, what I now realize is that the splashes of color that were present were accentuated by the lack of foliage on other trees.

That is the case with this image from Cataloochee. To be honest, I don’t remember exactly where I was when I took this image. I just know it was the afternoon that I traveled to and through the valley. I’ve often noted that the colors in the southern Appalachians are different from those in New England. There aren’t the vibrant reds and oranges found in Vermont and New Hampshire. However, the yellows and subtle oranges are beautiful in their own way. Enjoy.



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  1. Rick, I like this photo even more than the one you posted earlier this week. The simplicity of the composition and distillation of the elements of the color of the leaves and lines of the trees works well. I agree with you that the contrast between the trees without foliage and the color pallet of those that do work really well against each other. Great capture!

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