Tremont Reflection

Tremont Reflection

Fall colors reflected in the Middle Fork of the Little River

My tendency is to focus on grand landscapes and incredible light. Too often, I chase those images and miss the intimate ones all around me. On my fall trip to the Smokies I was a bit more intentional about looking for abstract and macro opportunities. I’m still learning, but I’m pleased with a few of my attempts.

This image is an example of that attention. My absolute favorite place to spend a fall day is along the Middle Fork of the Little River. The road is about six miles long and follows the fork the entire distance. There are ample pull-outs so there is always an opportunity to park the car and scramble down the bank to check out image possibilities. On one such foray I was entranced by the way the vibrant fall foliage was reflected in the water below. I experimented for a while with different exposure times and crops. I liked this one the best. I intentionally included a bit of the rocks from the bank and made an exposure of just over a half second. This was enough time to create a smooth look to the water without letting it lose the reflection completely. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.



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