Carter Shields Cabin in Fall

Carter Shields Cabin in Fall

Historic Carter Shields cabin surrounded by some late fall color

One of my favorite places to be in the fall is Cades Cove. If you haven’t visited it or heard of it before, the cove is located in the southwestern corner of Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The area was settled by Europeans sometime around 1820 and once supported a population of several hundred people. It is now a part of the national park system and only permanently inhabited by bear, turkey, deer, and assorted other wildlife. The park service has done a good job of reestablishing the native wildlife population and leaving some restored historic buildings in place. The open fields, grist mill, cabins, and churches give some idea of what life was like here a hundred or more years ago. It must have been a peaceful, simple life with little direct interaction with the outside world.

Carter Shields cabin is a great example of some of the restored architecture in the cove. It’s not a unique image by any stretch of the imagination since it sits roadside on the loop road. It is a beautiful sight in any season, though. I can’t decide if I prefer its beauty in the spring with the dogwood tree in the foreground in bloom or like this image with some surrounding fall foliage. I’ll post a spring version of this scene in the future so you can decide. In the meantime, enjoy.



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