Best of 2012

Several photographers that I follow recommend an exercise to conclude each year. They encourage other photographers to review their work from the previous year and choose their ten or twelve best images from that year. This exercise may originate from the best known photographer, Ansel Adams. He noted that “Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop.” Now, I’m not saying that these images are significant or that they are worthy of Ansel Adams, but they are my best for 2012.

There are lots of very interesting photography sites I follow. One of them that will post many photographers best work for the year is Jim Goldstein. Thanks to him for posting others’ work. I can say that it is difficult to narrow down to twelves images out of the thousands that I shot this year. So, in no particular order, here are my best for 2012.

Cadillac Emblem

A Cadillac V8 emblem from Old Car City

Crepucular Rays over the Palouse

As the sun passed behind a bank of clouds, these crepuscular rays were formed over the Palouse

Fall's Majesty Reflected in Sims Pond

Early morning light creates a glow in the foliage surrounding Sims Pond

Golden Light from Clingmans Dome

The filtered light of the setting sun created a golden hue in the sky over the Smokies

Grandfather Mountain Sunrise

The sunrise as viewed from the Blue Ridge Parkway near Grandfather Mountain in mid-October

In Memory of Charles Ross

The original cemetery in Apalachicola, Florida contains many ancient and beautiful gravestones

Last Color on the Chimneys

Late afternoon light slants across the Chimneys illuminating a few trees still clinging to their fall colors

Lions Gate Bridge

A black and white version of an image of Lions Gate Bridge in Vancouver

Palouse Falls Sunset

Beautiful Palouse Falls under the glow of pink hued clouds at sunset

The Governor Stone at Dawn

The sailboat Governor Stone rests at anchor on the Apalachicola waterfront just before the sun rises over the horizon

The Tree of Life

An old sycamore tree in full fall color hangs over Big Creek in Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Whitman County Growers

A farm and surrounding landscape as viewed from Steptoe Butte in Washington State’s incomparable Palouse region




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