Sims Pond Reflection

Sims Pond Reflection

The vibrant colors of fall as reflected in tranquil Sims Pond

A few days ago I wrote about a lovely little body of water just off the Parkway named Sims Pond. I noted that I had traveled by there many times but I hadn’t stopped to explore before. I vowed to return the next day and see if I could get some images of the fall colors reflected in the pond.

So, after sunrise on the last day of my short trip, I drove the short distance from the Moses Cone Manor House to Sims Pond. I returned to the spot that I had scouted out the previous day. I had my D700 and D800 on tripods with cable releases for both. I crawled out over the rocks to the water’s edge and began to set up. It was a chilly morning but I was already excited about what I was seeing.

To my great delight the wind was calm and the foliage in the area was beginning to peak. I’m sure that the colors would be brighter and more vibrant in a few days, but they were plenty pretty for my purposes this early fall morning. The cold temperatures had also allowed a small layer of fog to form on the warmer surface of the pond. I wish there had been more fog, but the bit that was there made for an even more interesting image.

I sat perched on some rocks with my boots extended out over the water and resting on some other partially submerged rocks. I managed to lower both tripods to a level where I could move slightly and see through the viewfinder of each camera. I overlapped the legs of the tripod so that the camera bodies were about a foot apart. I had my 70-200 lens on my D800 and my 24-70 on the D700. I used the D800 for the shots where I wanted to exclude the sky and the D700 for wider shots that included the increasingly bright sky and clouds. I must have looked odd for those who hiked or drove by as I sat on the rocks with two tripods and two large cameras planted in front of me!

I don’t really recall how long I sat there, but it was quite a while. I became engrossed with capturing as many variations as I could of the shoreline reflected in the peaceful pond. I shot with the horizon high in the frame, low in the frame, and with no horizon at all – just the reflected foliage. I also shot horizontal and vertical images and isolated individual stands of trees. The fog on the pond only lasted for thirty minutes or so, but I tried to capture its movement with long exposures that added a mystical element to the scene. It really was a magical morning. I was engrossed in my work and focusing diligently on my technique so that I captured the moment as faithfully as possible.

A few people ventured down to the shoreline to take a quick look or a snapshot. I wanted to stop each one and encourage them to linger for a while and enjoy the beauty. But, they were all in a hurry to move on to their next destination. I’m very happy that I chose to linger and soak up the atmosphere. I hope you enjoy the images as much as I enjoyed capturing them.


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