Sunrise from Elk Mountain Overlook

Sunrise from Elk Mountain Overlook

The rising sun over the Yadkin Valley as viewed from Elk Mountain Overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway

I’m making an intelligent guess, but I believe that this photo was taken from Elk Mountain Overlook near Boone, NC. I’m certain that the photo is of the foothills of western North Carolina near Boone. I just can’t remember exactly which overlook I finally decided to use. If you’ve driven the Parkway before you know that there are numerous formal pull-outs and overlooks and an almost infinite number of informal pull-outs.

On this particular morning, I had scouted out this overlook but ran a bit farther up the road to see if any other spot was better. I quickly realized that the road began a northwest turn or had views that were obscured to the east. I hastily retreated to my original spot and set up my gear. I shared a dawn image yesterday. This image was taken just after sunrise (obviously) and was exposed for the rising sun rather than the foothills below. I sometimes use HDR to capture a full tonal range of a scene like this, but I rather like this type of image. The foothills are underexposed but still distinguishable from each other. The sky still has some of the orange cast from the warm rays of the rising sun. The moisture in the atmosphere has rendered the sun a less than perfect orb, but the result is still pleasing to me. I trust it is to you as well. Enjoy.


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