A New Day Breaks on Grandfather Mountain

Daybreak on Grandfather Mountain

The sun peeks over the horizon near Grandfather Mountain, North Carolina

These two images were taken on the same morning as the last post. A weak front moving through the region created just the right amount of clouds to allow for a spectacular sky at sunrise. Some mornings are so overcast that you never even realize that the sun has risen. Others have no clouds and the sun quickly becomes a giant ball of light that is almost indistinguishable from the surrounding sky. When the sky holds a bit of moisture and clouds, the chances of a spectacular light show increases dramatically.

This was one of those mornings. I stayed in place for forty-five minutes or so just watching the changing light and capturing as much of the beauty as possible. The shot below isn’t quite as dramatic but it is cool to see the sun through the layers of atmosphere as a perfect orb hanging above the horizon. Enjoy.

A New Day on Grandfather Mountain

The full sun emerges to begin a new day over the hills of western North Carolina




  1. Beautiful pictures my Mom grew up in Boone, NC so we visited the Mountain many times on vacations you captured its beauty. I love your photos Nan

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