Mt. Baker Waterfall

Mount Baker Waterfall

This small but beautiful waterfall was flowing immediately adjacent to a forest service road on the approach to Mt. Baker

I had a small bucket list of the places I wanted to visit while in Washington. On that list was a particular view from the Mt. Baker ski area. Unfortunately, the drive to the spot was not near any of the other spots on our shot list. However, given the snowy, icy conditions in the North Cascades our options were relatively limited there, photographically speaking.

So, on the next to last day of our trip we ventured north on back roads toward the Mount Baker Highway. As it turned out, the views from the road were often spectacular as we looked east toward the North Cascades. Occasionally, we would get a peek of Mount Baker through the mountains in the foreground and we got some idea of the size of the mountain we were headed toward. It was obviously a massive geographic feature.

Eventually, we made our way to the Mount Baker ski area where Picture Lake is located. The images I had seen from there were beautiful reflections of Mount Baker with wildflowers or beautiful fall foliage surrounding the lake. As we approached the ski area and climbed higher and higher, it became apparent that snow had only recently been cleared from the road. In fact, the road was not even open out to Artists Point, a spot that gives a spectacular view of Mount Baker. Although we could get to Picture Lake it was still covered in snow and ice. Obviously no reflection shots would be forthcoming. As we poked around we even found snowboarders getting in some of their last runs of the season!

I was bummed but I still had made it to an incredible view of the mountains. As we made our way back down the road, we continued to look for unique images that would capture the spirit of the area. In that process we ventured down some forest service roads looking for other views and scenes. During that process, we came across a series of waterfalls flowing near one of the forest service roads. This fall was only six feet tall or so, but was lovely to photograph. I especially like the moss in the foreground and the vibrant spring foliage that surrounds the waterfall. This shot was a one second exposure that required a four stop neutral density filter to slow down the shutter speed. There are a few more images from the spring trip in the list, but soon we will be moving on to images from this past summer and fall. Enjoy.


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