Leaving Washington Pass

Leaving Washington Pass

The beginning of the long descent from Washington Pass toward Marblemount

I love road shots. Something about the ribbon of asphalt bisected by a yellow line is appealing to me. I especially like road shots when something interesting like a snow-capped mountain is in the background. So, I couldn’t resist this image.

The scenery in the North Cascades is phenomenal. As I write this many months after capturing this image, there is a winter storm warning for this part of the country. They are expecting 12-23 inches of snow. We were there in the North Cascades in early June and the snow was just beginning to melt. This road, the North Cascades Highway, had only opened on May 10, about a month earlier. The road hasn’t closed yet this year but the normal closing date is in late November.

I look forward to returning to this area of the country one day. I hope to do so in late summer in order to see the wildflowers in full bloom and to be able to hike the trails when they are snow free. Until then I’ll be satisfied with memories of images like this one. Enjoy.



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