North Cascades Highway Waterfall

North Cascades Highway Waterfall

A beautiful waterfall located along the North Cascades Highway in Ross Lake National Recreation Area

We took the ferry back down Lake Chelan leaving Chelan. After a thirty minute plane ride up the lake, the ferry ride seemed interminably long. Even though we were on the “express” ferry, it still took over three hours to go back down lake. After that it took two hours to drive down the valley and back up into the valley approaching the pass over the North Cascades. By the time we crossed the pass late that afternoon we had traveled for six hours and were only about ten miles from the part of the Pacific Crest trail that we had been on the day before!

We made several treks over the pass via the North Cascades Highway. This waterfall was on the western side of the pass in the Ross Lake National Recreation Area. Curiously, even though the region is referred to as North Cascades National Park, none of the North Cascades Highway actually runs through the park. The only time we were actually in the park was during our time in Stehekin. Nevertheless, the mountains and scenery were equally magnificent in the entire region.



  1. Gorgeous! Very well done! I’ve shot the same waterfall, and this puts mine to shame. You did well to bring a tripod, but you also managed to get the perfect shade of green on the trees.

    I think most of NCNP is wilderness, meaning no roads. There are a few of them here and there, like the very rough, dirt Cascade River Road. (I’ve never been to Stehekin, but I imagine there are a few roads there, too?) For the most part, though, people who didn’t leave their car didn’t actually visit the park. That makes it a little harder than it could be to access the park, but I think everyone who’s carried their tent several miles in to some lonesome mountain and looked up at the night sky appreciates the end result.

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