Agnes Gorge Birch Trees

Birch and Fern

A stand of birch trees and ferns found on the Agnes Gorge Trail in North Cascades National Park

Well, I’m starting to fall quite a bit behind on my posts. I’m still posting images from June and I still have much to blog about from this summer and now fall. I’m doing my best to keep up, but life is really busy right now and the blog is a lower priority than work and family. The bad news is that I’m behind. The good news is that I have quite a stockpile of images to post from the past few months. It’s nearing the dreary season for photography in my neck of the woods. Hopefully I will find some new spots to shoot, but winter is not usually a really productive season for me photographically speaking.

These images are from our trip to Washington State back in June. More specifically, these are from a short hike that we took on the Agnes Gorge Trail in North Cascades National Park. Virtually all of the trails at higher elevations were still snow-covered so we were fortunate to be able to hike here. The hike was out to an overlook of the gorge itself and was full of wildflowers, small streams, and a variety of other plant life.

I think the variety is what struck me as beautiful on the Agnes Gorge trail. We saw a multitude of deciduous and evergreen trees, many different spring wildflowers, and had a couple of unique views of the southern part of the mountains in North Cascades. I’m sure there was abundant animal life as well. We just didn’t have any first hand encounters with bear, deer, or other critters.

This stand of birch trees was the only one I recall seeing on the hike. However, as we wound through it on the way up the gorge I noted how beautiful it was. I’m glad I stopped for a moment to photograph it then. As it turned out the hike was a bit longer than we had anticipated. If I had waited for our return trip, I might have missed the image altogether because we were moving at a fast clip to meet our ride back down the valley. I suppose there is nothing truly noteworthy about the image. I just love the contrast between the stark white bark of the birches with the vibrant green of the ferns and other groundcover. I hope you enjoy the look as well.

Birch Trees and Fern

A stand of birch trees and ferns found on the Agnes Gorge Trail in North Cascades National Park


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