The View from Lakeshore Trail

The View from Lakeshore Trail

The Lakeshore Trail near Stehekin offers incredible views of Lake Chelan and the North Cascades

Although I didn’t have a great category for Stehekin before I arrived, I quickly found that there is a ton to do there. I suppose I had presumed that the entire community would be in close proximity to the ferry terminal and park ranger‘s residence. Instead I found a community that reached up and down the valley for several miles that had an amazing variety of people and industry.

I knew that there was hiking in the area, but my assumption was that every hike was up and into the North Cascades. Although there were plenty of trails in that region, there were a ton of cool little hikes in Stehekin proper. We were fortunate to hit the Lakeshore trail one evening after dinner. Because we had arrived near the summer solstice, the sun didn’t actually set until 9:00 or later. So, we had time to eat dinner and then stretch our legs looking for great photo opportunities.

My primary focus on this hike was to find a patch of lupin growing wild that could be used as an interesting foreground for a shot across Lake Chelan toward the North Cascades. Although I did find some lupin, none of it was lit enough or in the correct location to yield the shot I had in mind.

I settled for this image. At a bend in the trail, the late afternoon light illuminated the trees and the lake shore. I like the glow that has developed in the tree branches, the deep blue of the lake, and the snow still present on the mountain range in the distance. I hope you enjoy it as well.



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