Barn and Windmill


Barn and Windmill

A barn and windmill stand the test of time in the Palouse region of Washington state

Now that I am posting my images from the Palouse, I realize how many of them are of old barns. There is something about old barns that just isn’t true of old houses. Perhaps it is their size. Or, maybe it is their simplicity. In any case, they always make amazing subjects for photography.

This old barn was visible from the main road and was just begging to be photographed. As I walked around the scene there were many intriguing elements that I wanted to include in my image. The barn itself was a classic shape. The roof shingles were peeling off revealing another layer of shingles underneath. The fences around the barn were interesting. The gable ends of the barn were unique. Finally, the windmill was in great shape and should be included in the image. The problem was finding a way to include all of those elements.

The barn was relatively close to the road and a private residence was immediately across the street. The road itself was narrow and it proved difficult to maneuver enough to compose the image I wanted. I tried walking up and down the road to change my angle of view and put the barn and windmill where I wanted them in the image relative to each other. I tried several compositions, but in the end this is the one I liked best. I don’t like that I cropped off a bit of the barn facade, but I love the windmill, field of grass, and peeling shingles on the roofline. Of course, the contrast of the red barn, green field, low-hanging clouds, and peeks of blue sky make for an appealing image as well. All things considered, I like the way the image turned out.

It may not look to have been necessary, but I used a five shot exposure-bracketed set to create a HDR image. As is my preference, I used the Exposure Blending mode of Photomatix Pro to create the image. I used Aperture to tweak the colors, contrast, and add a slight curve. My intent was to get the image to look like what I saw in the field that day. I think I have succeeded with this image. Enjoy.




  1. Nice image, I would love to spend some time photographing the Palouse but I was only there in the Winter–not the same. Thanks for sharing.

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