Leaning Fence of Palouse

Leaning Fence of Palouse

A fence line in the Palouse leaning from years of wind and snow accumulation

Okay, that’s not the most creative post title I’ve ever come up with. But, the post is leaning and it is in the Palouse. I can’t help it if that little building in Italy happened to come up with the idea first…

So, why am I posting this image? It’s simple. I like it. I don’t know quite why I like it, but I like it. The image was made in the far western part of Idaho, probably less than five miles from the Washington border. I was in the area because the Palouse extends roughly to US 95 which runs north and south parallel to the Washington-Idaho border. There is a little church near Potlatch that looked interesting to me. Very near the church, this field and fence line appeared. After walking around it a bit, I decided that the tilt of the fence made for an interesting image.

I probably should have blurred out the background a bit more, but I didn’t want the viewer to lose sight of this being one part of a much longer whole. So, I shot at f/7.1 in order to leave the first post in focus while letting the background fall further and further out of focus. I don’t know if anyone else will like the image, but it still speaks to me. Enjoy.



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