Red Barn Doors


Red Barn Doors

The red weathered doors of a barn in Washington’s Palouse region

The Palouse is full of beautiful old barns. Some of these magnificent structures have been neglected and have fallen down or are on the verge of collapse. Others have been lovingly restored and look as good or better as the day they were built. The vast majority are working barns that have been maintained, but not for beauty’s sake. They are an active part of the farmer’s profession. They store crops, shelter animals, and serve as tool sheds. They have been roofed, painted, and patched as required to continue in their function.

I like the latter type of barn the most. They have character. Oftentimes, the current coat of paint is peeling and reveals the original color beneath. Or, to save a few dollars, the farmer has roofed over the original failing roof with new shingles. As the new one fail, they show the original roof underneath. Some have begun to sag or tilt a bit. Others have doors that are missing or stand a bit askew. All of these attributes make these barns more appealing to me. They stand as active participants in the life of the farm, battered but no worse for their wear.

That is the case with this beauty. I love the weathered red that this barn wears. Moss and mildew cling to some of her crevasses. The white trim is no longer crisp. The doors don’t quite shut all the way, but enough to perform their function. Adding to the look is the vibrant green grass of spring. It adds a wonderful element of contrast to the red and white of the barn.

I took some shots of the entire barn. But, as I walked around the old girl, I realized that I wanted a simple shot. I decided that the red doors with their white trip with a bit of green grass showing made for the most pleasing image to my eye. I hope you like the image as much as I do. Enjoy.



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