Barn, Field, and Overcast Sky


Barn, Field, and Overcast Sky

One of many barns in Washington’s Palouse in early spring

As we drove closer to Pullman, the landscape that I had expected to find in the Palouse began to emerge. It seemed that everywhere I looked there were rolling fields, beautiful old barns, and farmhouses nestled in a grove of shade trees. In fact, it didn’t just seem that way, it was that way. Farming is obviously the major occupation here. And, the farms are large. This really is the type of country where your closest neighbor might be a mile away.

This barn is an example of the landscape we were in. You can see that the crop is already two feet or so high. Recent rains had created a lush, green carpet of fields for as far as the eye could see. The barn is nothing special, but its warm earth tones blended in nicely with the green below and gray sky above. I especially like the wheel tracks caused by a tractor driving into the fields in the top left background of the image. It just adds a reminder of how these crops are cultivated.

This image was created by using the HDR process on a single RAW image. I could probably have achieved the same look by boosting contrast and saturation in Aperture, but I prefer the look and feel I attained in Photomatix Pro. I don’t normally like over saturated, high contrast images, but in this case the process helps capture the mood the moment the image was captured.

If you like these types of images, stay tuned. There are a lot more to come in the next few days and weeks. Enjoy.



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