Tantalus View


As we drove back down the Sea to Sky Highway from Whistler, we were able to enjoy the incredible view all over again. Of course, we now had the benefit of different angles of view and the light slanting across the landscape late in the day. We stopped at many of the same pull-outs that we had enjoyed on the drive up and marveled just as much at the sights as we had only a few hours before.

I suppose you would say that this image is from the Sky part of the Sea to Sky Highway. The highway transitions from following the coast to an inland route near Squamish. The river valley featured in this image flows toward the sea from the high mountains in and around Whistler. The view here is into Tantalus Provincial Park, one of many beautiful parks in the mountains of British Columbia.

This image was made from a pull-out on the Sea to Sky Highway. It was taken a few hours before sunset and captured the soft diffused sunlight on the valley floor as it filtered through the broken cloud cover overhead. I like the contrast of the snow-capped mountains with the emerging green of the trees in the valley and the deep green of the evergreens covering the mountainsides.

The Sea to Sky Highway was beautiful to drive in the spring. I imagine it would be equally beautiful any season of the year. I hope to see it again in one of those seasons. Enjoy.



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