British Columbia Parliament in Spring

British Columbia Parliament in Spring

The cupolas of British Columbia’s Parliament rise through the cherry blossoms and fresh leaves of spring in beautiful Victoria

Two buildings occupy most of the frontage along Victoria’s Inner Harbor; the Empress Hotel and the British Columbia Parliament buildings. Both have long wide lawns that create a lush green foreground that sets off the Victorian architecture of each.

The Parliament buildings are the larger of the two and have a grand lawn with a fountain and several statues. Most beautiful to me, though, were the cherry trees planted around the perimeter of the lawn. Since we were there in the spring, we were fortunate enough to arrive when the cherry trees were in full bloom. Although the trees obscured some of the views of the buildings, I found the cupolas rising above the cherry blossoms intriguing. I walked the entire perimeter of the building looking for different angles to capture the scene.

This shot was made from Menzies Street. There were several carriages queued up to take people on scenic tours of the city. The cherry trees lined the entire street and were in full bloom. I spent quite a while looking for images that incorporated the carriages, the building, and the cherry blossoms. I’ve included one of those as well. Victoria really is a beautiful city. You should visit there whenever you have a chance, but if you can go in the springtime, you will find it exceptionally beautiful. Enjoy.

Victoria Carriage Tour

A horse-drawn carriage tour passes by Victoria’s Parliament

British Columbia Parliament Building

Victoria’s Parliament building framed by the trees on the perimeter of the grounds


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