Ta Promh Ruins

Ta Promh Ruins

A view of the Ta Promh temple in Angkor, Siem Reap province, Cambodia

As I mentioned before, I began working with some images from Cambodia over the weekend. I decided to convert some shots that I had taken using Silver Efex Pro. I guess you can tell that I like what I created. I’ve been sharing a few of those images to see what you think.

This one is from another of the lesser known temples in the Angkor region. The temple is best known for the spung trees that have grown up out of the temple ruins and are now as much a part of the scene as the temple itself. The temple name is Ta Promh. This image doesn’t feature the spung, but instead is a view of a gallery that has long ago collapsed. I love the chaotic nature of the jumbled stones and the doorway that still stands intact.

I used a sepia treatment on this image to emphasize the ancient nature of the scene. I like the way the doorway and passage beyond are emphasized while the surrounding scene is shrouded with a slight vignette. I hope you enjoy viewing the image as much as I enjoyed capturing it. Enjoy.



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