Vancouver’s Steam Clock

Vancouver's Steam Clock

A steam powered clock found in Vancouver‘s Gastown

Vancouver is full of interesting people, sights, and sounds. In particular, the historic district is a great place to wander around observing all that goes on in the city. Although Gastown has been somewhat gentrified in recent years, it still retains some of its rough and tumble roots. As we wandered about, we were delighted to find all sorts of unique shops, restaurants, and incredible views just across the waterfront.

Although the steam clock in Gastown is not ancient, it certainly looks that way. The steam clock was installed in 1977, but it looks as if it could have been built and put into place in the late 1860s by the first European settlers in the area. The clock is now an attraction in and of itself. It pours out steam constantly and puts on quite a show when it sounds off each hour.

I like the image because it incorporates the clock, a typical street lantern in the area, and some emerging spring foliage. It certainly is one of the images that says Vancouver. Enjoy.


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