Vancouver’s Chinatown

Shopping in Chinatown

A Chinese grocery story in Vancouver‘s Chinatown

Wow. It’s been awhile since my last post. I’ve been traveling a bit on a new photo adventure and pressing family matters superseded posting for a bit. But, I’m back – for at least a few days. I’m really excited to show you some of my new stuff, but I want to finish the British Columbia images first.

So, that brings us to today’s post. Our hotel was five blocks or so from Chinatown in Vancouver. Although that area of Vancouver can be a bit sketchy, we walked down to take a look. We actually had quite a treat as Vancouver was introducing a street art exhibit in Chinatown that day. The project is an exhibition of 33 terra-cotta warriors painted in a variety of colors and schemes that have been placed on street corners around the Vancouver metro area. The warriors will be auctioned off this fall to benefit children with disabilities. We happened upon the unveiling of the warriors that morning and were able to witness the ceremony as it unfolded. The warriors were clad in black shrouds that were dropped simultaneously to reveal the painted figures underneath. We were able to speak with several of the artists and their sponsors to learn more about the project.

Terracotta warrior project

An artist and her creation at the unveiling of Vancouver’s terracotta warrior project to benefit children with disabilities

After leaving the exhibition, we wandered through the streets of Chinatown looking at the shops and gardens. As we were moving back out the main street toward Oiltown, I came upon this scene. I was drawn to this scene because of the lack of English language signs and obvious indicators that we were in Canada. The only problem was that a car was parked at the curb and put quite a damper on the scene. I could tell that the driver had pulled in to the grocery store and was shopping. It appeared that he would be leaving fairly quickly. So, I hung out for twenty minutes or so hoping that he would vacate the parking spot and allow me a clean image without an automobile interfering. That’s exactly what happened twenty minutes or so later. I snapped my images fairly quickly and a van moved into the vacant space. I could only hope that I got what I wanted.

As it turned out, I got my shot. I love the lack of English and the fact that this scene could be anywhere in the world where there is a local Chinese community. I converted the scene to black and white below. I wanted to see if the symbols and composition stood out to me or if it was simply the overpowering reds and yellows that made the image work. I like the black and white version as well for different reasons. In this image, the tired facade of the building stands out and is somewhat accentuated by a black and white image.

Shopping in Chinatown - B+W

A Chinese grocery story in Vancouver’s Chinatown

No matter which image you prefer, I hope you enjoy the post. Vancouver is a great place to visit and Chinatown there is very interesting. If you do decide to visit, remember the old Hill Street Blues adage. Let’s be careful out there.


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