Flowers in Stanley Park

Three Poppies

Three poppies stand out from a field of forget-me-nots and other flowers in Vancouver’s Stanley Park

Our time wandering through Stanley Park was incredibly fun. The variety of flowers, shrubs, and trees in Stanley Park was staggering. The landscape was a riot of colors and textures. I think that the experience was overwhelming because so many different types of blooms were appearing at one time.

It seemed that we covered a huge amount of territory in the park that day. In fact, when we looked back at the map, we had covered only a fraction of the park. If we ever get to return we will need to rent bikes in order to cover as much ground as possible.

As it was, we were still able to see a good bit of the park. Many of the attractions are located on the southern or eastern side of the park closest to the heavily populated neighborhoods adjacent to the park. As we wandered, I was able to take a few shots of a variety of flora emerging from their winter’s nap. There is much more to see, but perhaps this will give you some idea of the diversity we found in beautiful Stanley Park. Enjoy.

Stanley Park English Daisy

Stanley Park English Daisy

Pink Tulip and Forget-me-nots

A single tulip blooms amidst a beautiful grouping of forget-me-nots

Emerging Fern

A fern unfurls its foliage during spring in Vancouver’s Stanley Park


Three daffodils rise delicately against a field of other daffodils



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