Room with a View!

Houseboats and Vancouver Skyline

These houseboats are moored off Granville Island in False Creek offering a spectacular view of the Vancouver skyline

I don’t think I knew quite what to expect when it was recommended that we spend some time in the Granville Island section of Vancouver. I think I expected some touristy area with trinkets that were supposed to be handcrafted in British Columbia but were actually made in China. In any case, whatever I thought was wrong.

In fact, Granville Island is a very cool area of Vancouver with lots of interesting things to do and places to visit. The public market there is amazing. There is an amazing variety of locally sourced produce and meats. Sprinkled throughout the market are bakers, restaurants, delis, and flower sellers. It is obvious that many Vancouverites enjoy the market. It’s almost as much a cultural experience to visit there as it is a way to meet the need of purchasing food.

Also present on Granville Island are an art college, a very cool park, many local craftsmen, at least two marinas and a handful of residences. There may be a few condos scattered on the island, but the principal residences I could find were these houseboats! And, I do mean houseboat in the truest sense of the word. These structures are effectively houses built on floating platforms. As you can see, they have fireplaces, normal doors and windows, and an incredible view. I can imagine that there are some downsides to living directly on the water. But, whatever those may be, they must be more than offset by waking up and going to sleep with the skyline of Vancouver as your view.

I especially like the structure in the left foreground. There is a small garden growing on the side of the house. And, it was obvious that these homes are well used. There were bikes parked at the front door and canoes or kayaks waiting to be used at dockside. What a lifestyle these people must lead!



  1. You are blessed to see these “houseboats” as they are well designed floating homes. As I mentioned last week at NPCC I am moving to the Philippines to start another company with “God on my side”. I sent you another mail to handle a transfer for NPCC.

  2. I’m loving these posts of Vancouver. Although I live in Florida now, I’m a Canadian by birth and I’ve visited Vancouver many times for work and pleasure. Your pictures bring back great memories.
    Tammy of “Walking in Pretty Shoes”

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