Yaletown Harbor Reflection

Yaletown Harbor Reflection

Boat hulls and condo towers reflected in the Yaletown harbor area of Vancouver

Pamela and I visited British Columbia in late April. We flew in and out of Vancouver and visited Victoria and Whistler as well. The trip was awesome for many reasons. The primary one was Pamela and I getting to spend a week together alone. The bonus was that we did so in such a beautiful place! Virtually everyone to whom I mentioned that we would be going to Vancouver said that it was a beautiful place. It happened so often that I sort of became immune to it. I mean, how beautiful can one city actually be? As it turned out, the answer is pretty beautiful.

We stayed in Vancouver for three nights at the beginning of the trip. One think I love about Vancouver is how walkable the city is. It really seems designed to best be traversed on foot or by bicycle. We decided to forego a rental car and use taxis, public transit, water taxis, and our own two feet for the trip. That turned out to be the right decision. It was certainly cheaper that way and we got to know the city pretty well.

One of my favorite areas of town was fairly close to our hotel. It is an area called Yaletown. It’s not unique that Yaletown is on the water. Virtually every district of Vancouver has some waterfront space. Yaletown is unique because of its redevelopment. It once was an industrial area that had become quite run down. Now it is full of sleek residential towers, trendy shops, unique restaurants, and a beautiful marina.

This shot was taken from the marina while we were waiting on the water taxi to Granville Island. I took some other shots of the marina that capture the sleek yachts and high-rise buildings in full form. I like this shot because it distills the more complex image of the arena into its essential elements – the boat hulls, their reflections, and the reflections of the buildings.

There is much more to come from the area. I had an especially productive few days. Honestly, anyone who owns a camera who doesn’t come away from this area of British Columbia with at least a few great images should turn in their photographer card. Hopefully, you’ll think I can keep mine at the end of this series. Enjoy.


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