Ferns Along Tremont

Tremont and Ferns

The moist climate around the Middle Prong of the Little River supports a variety of flora including these ferns

As I was working my way up and down Tremont, I was constantly looking for a way to capture the ever-changing light and beauty of the stream. Unfortunately, the weather too beautiful and a bluebird sky day was developing. Clouds were forecast for later in the day but the morning had dawned clear. So, I found myself frantically looking for a bend in the road where the bright sun wasn’t creating such contrast as to make taking a decent image impossible.

I had seen this spot the night before while scouting locations. I had even taken a few images, but the exposures were so long at dusk that the slightest breath of wind caused the ferns to move and blur. The ancillary benefit of a clear sky was no wind, so I was able to consider some longer exposures.

You can see that the filtered sunlight is just beginning to rise over the steep mountains surrounding Tremont stream. This shot was taken about an hour and a half after sunrise and would be in bright sunlight until late in the afternoon. I set up quickly and took a few images. I don’t know that this shot does the stream justice, but I like it nonetheless. The bright sun is visible on a few of the ferns in the foreground and on the trees in the top background. I don’t love the debris caught up on the rocks in the left side of the frame, but that is the hand that nature dealt me.

I think there is more potential in this spot. I just need a cloudy, calm day to work it for a couple of hours. I’m sure I’ll be back later this summer or in the fall.



  1. Rick… I especially like the treatment of the greens, and how you captured those yummy reflections on the water. The light on certain parts of the scene really adds some interest, and it sure looks to me like you did it justice 🙂

      1. Yeah… I’m pretty much hooked on experimenting with Silver Efex. Shot in Acadia again this morning and immediately wanted to see how they would look in black and white!

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