Middle Prong of the Little River

Middle Prong of the Little River - Road View

The Middle Prong of the Little River as viewed from Tremont Road

I wrote about the Tremont area of the Smokies in yesterday’s post. I mentioned that the image I posted was one of my favorite spots in the entire park. One reason that I like it is that there are multiple great locations from which to shoot the stream. This one is the easiest. You can’t see it in this shot, but I am shooting from a forest service road that runs parallel to the river from Little River Road to the end of this forest service road.

I love this view because it puts the stream into context. You can see the bend of the stream, get some feel for the falloff occurring in this section, and even glimpse some of the sky. The shelf that I described and that was in the foreground of yesterday’s image is in the mid foreground of this image. The large boulder in the bottom left of the frame is the rock that you must crawl out onto in order to put the cascade in the foreground. You also get some feeling for the steepness of the bank from here. To get to the streamed you have to step off just in front of where my tripod was for this image and climb carefully down the bank using roots and rocks for handholds and footholds. Depending on how wet the rocks are, you also have to worry about stepping on slippery moss and algae covered rocks.

Once again, I used a seven exposure set to capture all of the highlights and shadows present in this scene. The highlights in the water are still a bit clipped, but nine shot sets are just a bit too much for me to work with constantly. It is nice to know that you can still generate usable results with midday light. That’s one of my favorite aspects of doing HDR photography. I don’t want to do it all the time, but it certainly is a nice tool for a photographer to have in his bag of tricks.


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