In Memory of Charles Ross

In Memory of Charles Ross

Apalachicola, Florida is a fun town to spend a day hanging out. There is a neat downtown area, scenic historic district, beautiful waterfront, an active harbor, and even an old cemetery. For whatever reason, I’m always drawn to photograph cemeteries. I don’t know what it is exactly about them, but old cemeteries almost always draw me in. For one thing, I’m a history buff and I love reading the inscriptions. Many times cemeteries are also beautiful.

Both characteristics were in place for this cemetery in Apalachicola. Even though not old by some standards, it was evident that this small town was settled in the early 1800s from the dates on the gravestones. In many places Spanish moss was hanging from ancient live oak trees. The weathering, moss, and wear of the gravestones gave the cemetery an ancient feel.

I often find myself wondering about the lives of the people represented in a cemetery such as this one. I certainly don’t know Charles Ross, but I do know that he was born on the eastern shore of Maryland and somehow found his way to Apalachicola. The anchor on his marker leads me to believe that he was a sailor or fisherman. Knowing the history of the area, it seems likely that Mr. Ross moved to Apalachicola to further his fortunes or was brought there by his family. I don’t know if he died at sea or at peace in his bed, but I’m certainly intrigued to know more about his story.

There’s nothing technically tricky about this shot. It’s pretty straightforward. I do like the patina of the grave marker and the font used on it. I also like the out of focus markers in the background. The image evokes the mood that I had as I wandered through the cemetery one cool spring morning. I hope you enjoy the image as much I enjoyed capturing it.


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