Cannonball House Gate

Cannonball House Gate

Macon, Georgia is a beautiful small city. That is especially true during the city’s Cherry Blossom Festival. There must be tens of thousands of cherry trees that all bloom during the second half of March. Unfortunately, my trip was just before the peak blooming season and I didn’t get to see the city at her finest. However, the trove of antebellum homes in Macon makes it a very pretty city in any season.

There are several homes that are prominent in Macon. One of these is the Cannonball House. It was built as a town home for a wealthy planter in 1853. It was damaged by a cannonball during the Civil War and thus earned its name. The house is a Greek Revival structure and is surrounded by a beautiful wrought iron fence and gate. I have always been struck by the beauty of the gate and its intricate iron work. I like the way the early morning light illuminates the gate and reveals a bit of the colorful garden and home just beyond. Enjoy.


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