Parts Is Parts

Bel Air Tail Fin
Bel Air Door Handle

A door handle from a rusting Chevrolet Bel Air at Old Car City in White, Georgia

Rusted Rearview Mirror

There was so much to shoot at Old Car City that I wound up hanging out there for four or five hours. I probably am posting way too much from there, but the stuff is so different from what I normally shoot that I really enjoy looking at it. I hope you do, too.

In the front part of the yard, there were cars and trucks that have some hope of being restored. They still have some paint on them and are the bodies are in pretty good shape. I enjoyed photographing these most of all. The peeling paint barely covered rusted metal and made for some incredibly interesting textures and colors. So, enjoy the tail fin, mirror, and door handle of some beautiful, vintage vehicles.



  1. I could look at those pics all day. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! Perfect, Rick! nice job, man! Beautiful!

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