Old Car City Hood Ornament

Art Deco Hood Ornament

I have heard a lot about an antique car lot near me over the last few years. The place is called Old Car City and is located about an hour away in White, Georgia. I’ve seen organized trips from photo clubs take outings there. A photographer I follow, Bill Fortney, recently visited there. From their web site, it seems that quite a few magazines have recognized it as an outstanding location to spot classic cars. However, I had never visited there. Not until last Friday, that is.

I decided to take most of the day and drive up to see if I could make some images there. After several phone calls, I reached the owner and ascertained that photographers were welcome, but they did charge a fee. So, I pocketed my fifteen dollars and set off for White, Georgia.

I didn’t know quite what to expect. In fact, I drove past the place on my first pass through White. It really looks like a lot of other places in the rural South. Junk cars aren’t exactly an anomaly here. Upon closer inspection, though, the quantity of cars made it obvious that I had arrived at the right location. I don’t really know how to describe Old Car City. It isn’t exactly a junkyard and it isn’t really a museum. But, it’s something somewhere in the middle of those. Apparently, there are over four thousand cars on the lot and the lot is nearly forty acres.

The cars range in condition from drivable to completely gutted and compressed. The front fourth of the lot holds the cars that could be restored and the back three fourths holds the ones that are likely in their final resting place. All parts of the lot are full of images waiting to be captured.

This image was from a car in the front part of the lot. I honestly don’t remember what model. I don’t recognize this particular ornament either. If anyone out there recognizes it and can let me know what it is, I’ll be glad to give the ornament proper identification and that person a shout out for knowing their antique cars. From what I’ve seen on the internet, it most likely was a design that Chevrolet used in the mid 1950s.

I took quite a few unique images there. I’ll post a few more over the next few days.


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