Stream in the Chattahoochee National Forest

Stream in the Forest

This stream is one of many flowing out of the north Georgia mountains in the Chattahoochee National Forest

Winter is always a difficult time for me and many other photographers. Unless there is a blanket of snow, the landscape can be a bit blah. This winter has been exceedingly mild and there just haven’t been a lot of snowy days. The few days that have been snowy have been busy work days and I just couldn’t justify escaping to the mountains. Nevertheless, I decided to take a day and drive in the north Georgia mountains hoping to find some interesting scenes to photograph.

I always enjoy wandering through the forest service roads of the Chattahoochee National Forest. National forests cover much of north Georgia and offer the beauty of a natural landscape along with the practicality of roads that offer access to that landscape. Much of the Chattahoochee National Forest would be difficult to access if not for the forest service roads. The roads are rough in places, so it’s advisable to drive them with a four-wheel drive vehicle or at least one with high clearance.

I spent the day moving from waterfall to waterfall. This image was taken in route to Horse Trough Falls. At many bends in the road seasonal streams cascaded down the valleys. That was the case with this stream. I was drawn to the cascades but also to the moss-covered surfaces in the trough of the valley. I love how the moisture of the stream has allowed moss to grow on most of the horizontal surfaces within close proximity. With the leaves off the trees and shrubs, the path of the stream is apparent by looking for the verdant green of the moss.

I with there wasn’t as much clutter in the stream, but it is a national forest. When trees fall they stay down. No one is out cleaning the area up to look better for tourists. I’m looking forward to returning to this area again in the spring to see how it looks with the trees in full bloom.


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