Acadia Coast

Acadia Coast

The rugged coast of Acadia National Park

Today’s image may or not be that special to you. For example, if you live on the coast in the Pacific Northwest or in Maine, you see this sight frequently. As for me, I’ve grown accustomed to the white sand beaches of the Gulf coast or the wide flat beaches found on the Atlantic coast from New Jersey to Florida. The rugged coast of Maine is just beautiful to me.

The back story of this image is what you can’t see. This image was taken from the top of Otter Cliff on the southeast edge of Mt. Desert Island. I don’t know how far the drop is from the top of the cliff, but it appeared to be a hundred feet or more. And, the drop was straight down! I had to steady myself a bit to get close enough to the edge to keep the top of the cliff out of the foreground of the image. As I looked straight down, my view was of waves crashing into the base of the cliff and the rock pile that had formed from the waves’ relentless pounding.

This image would have been so much better if I had a dramatic moody sky or an approaching storm front in the image. I do like the puffy white cumulus clouds, though. They add some interest to what was effectively a beautiful blue sky day. Of course, photographer don’t love beautiful blue skies. Fortunately, the Maine coast is the real star here. The hills you see in the distance are the interior mountains of Mt. Desert Island including Cadillac Mountain. The beach visible in the righthand background is Sand Beach, the only sandy beach in the park and for many miles around.


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