Sunset in Seal Cove

Seal Cove Rowboats

Rowboats tied to the dock of the harbor in Seal Cove, Maine on the west side of Mt. Desert Island

Low Tide

A barnacle covered rock is exposed at low tide in Seal Cove, Maine

I didn’t get a chance to finish my series of posts about my fall photo trip to the Maine coast. So, I’ll take a few days or weeks to work through the balance of those images. It’s fun to look back over those shots and relive the trip a bit – at least for me.

There were several sunrise location images in Acadia, but sunset image location proved to be a bit more challenging to find. We scouted quite a few locations hoping to find a unique vantage point. In fact, that is how this series of images were taken. We decided to work our way up and down the western side of Mt. Desert Island hoping to find a great foreground to use to frame the setting sun. During that afternoon we discovered Seal Cove. Like many harbors in Maine, Seal Cove consists of a few working lobster boats, some pleasure craft, and a few sturdy homes nestled into a small rocky cove. After driving a bit, we decided that Seal Cove was as good a spot as any for a sunset.

One neat feature of Seal Cove is the jetty that projects out into the neck of the harbor. On this day, sunset coincided with low tide, so we were able to walk out on the exposed jetty and take some unique images of the cove. That is how I was able to take the second image presented here. The sun was directly at my back and this barnacle covered stone was partially exposed. I love the reflection of the rock and the warm sunlight streaming over it. This shot wouldn’t be possible an hour later because the tide would have covered the rock and the sun would already have set.

The first shot of rowboats was taken from the small pier that services Seal Cove. These rowboats are commonplace and are used by fishermen to ferry themselves to and from their boats. I love the juxtaposition of the bows and sterns of the rowboats and the different textures and colors present in them. The ropes stretching out of the frame add another dimension to the image. It’s not uncommon to see names and phone numbers painted or stenciled into the boats so that they can be returned to their owners should their tether break in a storm.

Seal Cove probably isn’t a place that receives a lot of visitors. However, it is a beautiful spot on the coast of Maine and a place that I would love to spend a few hours in next time I visit.


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