The Varsity

The Varsity

One of Atlanta's most recognizable landmarks, the Varsity

The Varsity is an Atlanta icon. Once known as the World’s Largest Drive-in, it is now simply an Atlanta landmark. No visit to Atlanta is complete without a visit to the Varsity and a meal of chili dogs, onion rings, a frosted O, and a peach pie. The food is terrible for you and it will likely revisit you later in the day, but it sure tastes good going down!

The irony behind the Varsity is that it sits just across the interstate from the Georgia Tech campus. Yet, the founder of the Varsity was a Tech dropout! Legend has it that he located his restaurant in sight of his former campus to show them that he could be a success despite dropping out. And a success Mr. Gordy was. Along with tire stores, there is a string of Varsity restaurants across north Georgia that make millions for the Gordy family.

This picture was taken from the North Avenue bridge and shows the Varsity with midtown Atlanta in the background. The foreground is formed by vehicles traveling on North Avenue to and from midtown. This exposure was six seconds long with an aperture of f/22. The six second exposure creates the blur of lights in the foreground and the small aperture creates the starburst on the street light in front of the Varsity.



  1. Awesome shot…I live in the Western mountains of N.C., a couple times a year my oldest son and I travel to Atlanta to watch the Braves play….it’s a bit big for me, but a nice place to visit.


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