Bench and Windows

Bench and Windows

Bench and Windows

The symmetry of this simple bench and the three windows above it begged to be photographed

As I’ve mentioned before, one of my favorite places to visit is the beach in south Walton country, in Florida’s panhandle. Some very generous friends of ours allow us to use their beautiful beach home there. Nearby is the community of Alys Beach. If you’ve ever driven along Highway 30-A you probably have noticed the community even if you didn’t know its name. The reason is that the architecture there is unique. The buildings are all clad in a beautiful white stucco and have simple, clean lines and ridged roofs. There are occasional splashes of color that make even more of a statement than normal because they are set against the white stucco.

It’s fun to stroll through the shops and public buildings there, especially early in the morning or late in the afternoon. On one of our walks through the town, this image stood out to me. I love the simplicity of the bench and the symmetry of the three windows above it. The contrast of the bench and the window trim to the white wall and stone floor add to the image. If you find yourself with some time to wander around while at the beach, visit Alys Beach. You will enjoy your time there.


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