Suches Sunrise

Suches Sunrise

Suches Sunrise

Sunrise over the north Georgia mountains and reflected in Suches' Woody Lake

One of my favorite areas in Georgia is the triangle formed by Georgia Highways 60 and 180 and US Highway 19. For those of you familiar with north Georgia, that is an area with the boundaries of the split of US 19 and GA 60, Vogel State Park, and Suches. The terrain ranges from 2000 to 3800 feet with tons of lakes, waterfalls, winding roads, and several state and federal recreation areas.

I love to drive and hike in that area. Some of my bike riding friends enjoy riding the ‘gaps’ in the area. They even held stages of the Tour de Georgia in this region. There are still painted notes of exhortation to the race participants on some of the steeper slopes at the top of the gaps.

The area in and around Suches is one of my favorite places. Suches is just a simple mountain community without a truly defined town center. It’s really more of a farming community that has a school (Woody Gap Elementary) and a volunteer fire station. Nevertheless, the valleys and farms in and around Suches are beautiful. Woody Lake is near the intersection of GA 60 and 180. I had made it to this point scouting out a sunrise location. The problem is there aren’t many roads that climb to the tops of the ridges nearby. So, every vantage point I found had the horizon blocked by the gently rounded north Georgia mountains.

As I approached the calm waters of Woody Lake, I realized that the reflection of the sunrise there was likely to be the best place to shoot. I quickly scrambled over a low fence and walked through the field down to the lake shore. This image is a handheld five exposure set blended together in Photomatix Pro. I wish I could have seen the yellow orb of the sun on the horizon, but I like the reflection of mountains, glowing clouds, and God rays nearly as much. Hopefully, you will enjoy the image as well.


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