St. Andrews Cemetery

St. Andrews Cemetery

St. Andrews Cemetery

Gravestones in the cemetery that has grown inside the ruins of St. Andrews Abbey

One of our favorite places in the United Kingdom was St. Andrews. The only context I had for the town was from watching the British Open over the years and knowing that St. Andrews was the birthplace of golf. Okay, so no one really knows where golf was born but it almost certainly was in Scotland. St. Andrews has cemented its reputation as the birthplace by having the Royal and Ancient Golf Club headquartered there and by having the Old Course literally a part of the town.

What I didn’t know about St. Andrews was its ancient history. St. Andrews Castle is an incredible set of ruins that occupies a prominent spot directly on the coast in the center of St. Andrews. The ruins of St. Andrews Abbey are just down the beach from the castle on the southern end of St. Andrews. One unique aspect of St. Andrews Abbey is that the footprint of the abbey is now used as a cemetery. For whatever reason, I am fascinated by cemeteries. The headstones of many older cemeteries are works of art. The craftsmanship that was required to design and build many of these stones is remarkable. Modern cemeteries are much more uniform and don’t often have the elaborate displays that characterize older cemeteries.

I was drawn to this shot because of the design of the Celtic crosses and they way they were juxtaposed against each other. I also love the lush green grass and the background it creates for the monolithic gray stone present in the crosses and other structures in the shot. Perhaps I’m a bit morbid, but I find beauty even in these ancient monuments.


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