Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle

The Edinburgh Castle stands at the highest point in Edinburgh and is visible from all over town

As I’ve mentioned before, Pamela and I visited Edinburgh earlier this year. Edinburgh is a lovely town full of history and mystery. It’s Old Town evokes thoughts of knights, castles, and royalty. It’s New Town is vibrant and prosperous.

Sitting atop the hill in the Old Town is Edinburgh Castle. It truly is a fortress and is a treat to explore. Within its walls are a chapel, the crown jewels of Scotland, and a memorial to the Scottish military. It’s a fantastic place to stroll and take in the views of the city below.

This image was taken from Princes Street overlooking Princes Street Gardens and the castle above. The Gardens were once a wasteland full of sewage and nasty water which flowed down from the city. Now the park is vibrant, full of flowers, and a gathering place for the locals. Late in the afternoon, golden sunlight is cast on the castle and hill. The buildings there turn almost golden in that light. I wish I had had some dramatic clouds overhead, but I like the effect of the stone walls warming to the setting sun. I hope you do as well.



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