Setting Sun Over North Georgia Mountains

Setting Sun Over North Georgia Mountains

The setting sun and the north Georgia mountains as viewed from Brasstown Bald

(Prints available)

Okay, enough of the sunset shots from Brasstown Bald, right? Well, there’s this one and at least one more. I told you it was an awesome sunset right? Perhaps you’ve seen better. Maybe I’ve seen better. But, I don’t recall getting so many different images from a single sunset in quite a while. I’m still in awe of how the light changed almost continuously from an hour before sunset until twenty minutes after the sun dipped below the horizon.

The technical side of this image is interesting as well. There really is a lot going on to make this shot work. The starburst effect around the sun itself is created by using a really small aperture. In this case, I stopped the lens all the way down to f22. The God rays above the clouds and streaking to the top right corner of the image are straight from nature. The amount of detail in the foreground and the fact that the highlights of the sun and clouds aren’t blown out is a combination of two techniques. I was hand holding a three stop soft edge neutral density filter. That helped me to hold the highlights and bring out the detail in the foreground. I also took five images separated by one stop and used Photomatix Pro’s Exposure Blending mode to bring out even more shadow and highlight detail.

To be honest, I didn’t know if this shot would turn out or not. Hopefully, you are as pleased with the end result as I am. One more sunset image from Brasstown and I will get on with catching up from our travels earlier this year. Enjoy!


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