White Lotus

White Lotus

A white lotus flower at the Atlanta Botanical Garden

For those of you who follow along often, you know that I love to visit the Atlanta Botanical Garden. It seems no matter the season, there is always something new and beautiful to behold there. I hadn’t been able to shoot for awhile, so I took a half day last Friday to get up early and see what I could see.

I started at the Chattahoochee River before dawn looking for a beautiful sunrise and rowers on the river. I had a pretty good sunrise and I saw some rowers, but I couldn’t put the two together. I decided to try my luck in town at the Atlanta Botanical Garden. The primary garden wasn’t as pretty as it is normally in the spring. However, there is almost always something beautiful to see in the Orchid Conservatory.

What I didn’t anticipate was the white lotus flowers that were in full bloom in the water pond fronting the Orchid Conservatory. The great thing about the flower is that it is large and strikingly beautiful. It was easy to fill my frame with the flower and I was fortunate that there was no wind to move it. I especially like the center of the flower (yes, I’ve forgotten all of my high school biology and don’t recall the scientific names of the flower parts) and the detail that was captured. By using my tripod and a fairly large depth of field, I was able to bring the flower in focus from almost edge to edge and still leave the background a bit soft. The yellow center of the lotus is the most intriguing detail. The individual elements of the flower are beautiful.

Enjoy the image. Let’s hope that summer brings more and more opportunities to shoot and enjoy nature.


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